High Stoy Parish Council monitors local planning matters, highways (including changes to the use of lanes/bridleways), footpaths, dangerous junctions, speeding in villages, bad signing etc.

Planning Applications

Planning Applications 2022

 P/LBC/2022/03104 Church Farm, Hilfield - Internal alterations including installing an aga, and installation of external vent for aga  
 P/FUL/2022/02931 Knapp Farm, Load Lane, Hilfield - Erect Agricultural workers cottage  
 P/HOU/2022/02837 Hilfield Manor - Single storey extension  
 P/HOU/2022/01169 Daughters Farm Three Gates - Erect single storey and two storey extention, dormer and solar panels Granted
 Planning Applications 2021
 P/HOU/2021/04541 Hilfield Manor: Erect external fire escape, balcony to south elevation, new garage doors and widen existing (part retrospective)  Granted
 P/FUL/2021/03669 Common Farm, Hermitage. Erection of butchery unit and conversion of existing outbuilding to office/staff room. Objection 
 P/HOU/2021/04527 New Inn, Batcombe. Demoliah existing outbuilding and erect garage. No Objection Granted
 P/FUL/2021/03426 Harris Farm, Batcombe. Change of use of land to extend residential curtidge. No Objection Granted
 P/LBC/2021/02043 Redford Farm, Melbury Bubb: Demolition of existing outbuilding and erect 1 No. replacement building. Carry out all internal and external alterations in association to this.  WITHDRAWN
 P/FUL/2021/02042 Redford Farm, Melbury Bubb: Erect replacement outbuilding for storage and vehicle parking, (demolish existing).   Granted
 WD/D/21/000048Drummers Farm Change of use of agricultural land to campsite (10 pitches).  No Objections Approved
Park View Hermitage To Holnest Park Farmhouse - Erection of detached garage with workshop & playroom
 No Objections Approved
 P/FUL/2021/00465Redford Farm, Melbury Bubb. Erection of an agricultural building to cover an open silage clamp. No Objections Approved
 P/FUL/2021/00318 Three Gates Farm: Demolition of existing building & erection of 3no. dwellings Location: Three Gates Farm Three Gates
 Objection Approved
 P/HOU/2021/00264 Scotley Farm Road, Past Scotley Farm to Dyers Farm: Erection of 2 storey extension No Objections 
 WD/D/20/000048 Land to east of Batcombe Road, Leigh - Change of use from agricultural land to campsite to accomodate 10 No. pitches No Objections Approved
 WD/D/20/003016 School House, Stile Way, Batcombe - Erection of single and 2 storey rear extension 
Planning Applications 2020
 WD/D/20/002323 Minterns Folly, Batcombe - Certificate of Lawfulness for removal of conservatory and replacement with single storey extension  Approved
 WD/D/20/002029 North Cottage, Holnest Park - Conversion of workshop to accomodation Support Approved
 WD/D/20/001497 Park House, Stile Way, Batcombe - erection of first floor extension over existing single storey utility room SupportApproved 
 WD/D/20/001361Williford Farm, Hermitage Certificate of Lawfulness - outline planning permission for dwelling  Objection Approved
 WD/D/20/001084 Revised New Inn, Batcombe - Erect two storey side extension, balcony and installation of solar panels.  Approved
 WD/D/20/001015  Redford Farm, Melbury Bubb; Structural work to silage clamp Support Approved
 WD/D/20/000895 Blackberry Farm, Hartley Street, Hermitage, DT2 7BB - Erect Triple Garage and log store. SupportApproved
 WD/D/20/000497 New Inn, Batcombe - Erect two storey side extension, balcony and installation of solar panels.   Withdrawn
 Planning Applications 2019
 WD/D/19/002854 Scotley Farm, Batcombe - approval of reserved matter for access, appearance, landscaping and layout in relation to outline planning  Approval of Reserved Matters

 George Albert Hotel, Warden Hill - for change of use of the land and erection of Holiday Lodges & Staff Accommodation Units, together with infrastructure to form a 5* exclusive Holiday Lodge Park in lieu of the current land use of motor racing circuit, shooting ground & static caravan park

Revised plans received 01.04.21 - reduced number of lodges.

 WD/D/19/001913 Roecombe House, Hermitage Lane - Erection of timber framed garage No obejctionsApproved
 WD/D/19/002154 Buck Cottage, Hermitage - Erection of single storey extension  No objections 
 WD/D/19/000801 Scotley Farm, Batcombe. Outline planning permission for erection of one farm workers dwelling.No objections Approved
WD/D/19/000390 Hermitage Lane, Hermitage: Notification under the Electricity Act 1989 - To install a new low voltage overhead line crossing Hermitage lane   
WD/D/19/000141 Rose  Cottage, Castle Lane, Hilfield: Demolition of conservatory, erection of two storey rear extension, 2no. single storey extensions, porch and replacement balcony (variation of condition 1 to planning permission WD/D/18/001547 to allow glazing bars to all windows, the extent of proposed balcony to be increased, size and position of some windows to be amended, the extent of proposed roof to be amended, additional 2 No. dormer windows, replace timber cladding with render to match existing building and extend two storey extension at first floor level).Support DCC Approved
 Planning Applications 2018
 WD/D/18/000610 Knapp Farm, Hilfield - Erection of an agricultural building (Full) No Objections Approved
 WD/D/18/001999 Three Gates Farm, Leigh - Erection of extension to original cow barn. No Objections Approved
 WD/D/18/001925Dyers Farm, Batcombe - General Permitted Development. Erection of 3 buildings.  
 WD/D/18/001662Yew Tree House, Hermitage - Demolition of existing cottage & outbuildings, the re-location of one existing shed structure & construction of 1no. replacement dwelling. (Variation of conditions 1 of planning permission WD/D/18/000417 Amended plans )  No objections Approved
 WD/D/18/001652Southern Counties shooting ground - construction of a solar photovoltaic park and associated equipment (Variation of Condition 4 of Planning Approval WD/D/14/003367Amendment of Decommissioning of Solar Park to within 40 years and six months instead of 25 years and six months following completion of construction of development)  Approved
 WD/D/18/001547Rose Cottage, Castle Farm, Threegates - Demolition of conservatory, erection of two storey rear extension, 2no. single storey extensions, porch and replacement balcony.  No objections Approved
 WD/D/18/001055Land Adjacent to Hermitage Village Hall, Hermitage Lane - Demolition of existing agricultural equipment shelter and erection of a dwelling Objection Withdrawn
 WD/D/18/000417 Yew Tree House, Hermitage - Demolition of existing cottage & outbuildings, erection of one existing long shed & construction of 1no. replacement dwelling No objections Approved
 WD/D/18/000223 1 Church View Cottage, Hilfield - REQUEST FOR CONFIRMATION WITH COMPLIANCE of condition 4 of planning approval WD/D/17/000977 (Compliance with conditions)  
 WD/D/18/000338 Summerlands Farm, Gunville Lane, Hermitage - Change of use of agriculatural barn to dwelling (Prior Approval Agricultural to dwelling)  Prior Approval approved
 WD/D/17/002961 Batcombe Hill House, Stile Way - Two storey and single storey extensions to existing detached dwelling No Objections Approved
 WD/D/17/002986 Park View, Hermitage to Holnest Park Farmhouse - Replacement garage with store and utility. Renewal of application WD/D/15/00300 No objections Approved
 WD/D/17/002763 Harris Farm, Stile Way, Batcombe - Change of use and conversion of redundant agricultural barn to form a single dwelling No objections Approved
 WD/D/18/000223 1 Church View Cottage, Hilfield - erection of first floor rear extension: Revision  Approved
  Planning Applications 2017
 WD/D/17/002490 Pogles Wood, Three Gates, Leigh - Sitting of a log cabin in connection with existing educational use (Full)  
 WD/D/17/002292 Court Farm, Batcombe  - Approval of all reserved matters for planning approval WD/D/16/00603 No objections Approved.
 WD/D/17/001934 Yew Tree House, Hermitage Lane, Hermitage - Demolition of existing cottage and outbuildings, relocation of one existing long shed and construction of a new replacement dwellingComment made expressing PC wishes for applicant to withdraw the application. Planning permission withdrawn.
 WD/D/17/001966Church Farm House, Stile Way, Batcombe - Request for confirmation of compliance with conditions 4 & 5 of application WD/D/17/00326  
 WD/D/17/002228Summerlands Farm, Gunville Lane, Hermitage - Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a Dwellinghouse  Planning Permission required.
 WD/D/17/001688 Osmond Farm, Hermitage - conversion of two garages to single storey annex accomodation  
WD/D/17/001605 Harris Farm, Batcombe - change of use and conversion from a redundant agricultural building to form a single dwelling No Objections 
WD/D/17/000977  1 Church View Cottage, Hilfield - erection of first floor rear extension  No Objections Approved
WD/D/17/000602 Yew Tree House, Hermitage - extension to main dwelling and demolition of 3 existing sheds: erect replacement porch with rear dormer roof extension. Install 3 velux roof lights in south facing roof with 12 photovoltaic panels. Replace existing garage with new double garage.  Certificate of lawfulnessApproved



Church Farm House, Batcombe - proposed link between listed farmhouse and nearby outbuilding. Revised access from lane (Stile Way).  No Objections  Approved
 WD/D/17/000352Daughters Farm, Three Gates, Leigh - proposed relocation and improvement of existing entrance (Retrospective) No Objections Approved
Planning Applications 2016
 WD/D/16/001770  Yew Tree House, Hermitage - demolition of existing cottage, relocation of one existing long shed and construction of new replacement dwelling (FULL)  Objection


 WD/D/16/002136  Three Gates Farm, Leigh - replacement of existing agricultural building with 2 agricultural workers dwellings (FULL)  Objection


 WD/D/16/00603Court Farm, Great Head Lane, Batcombe, Outline planning application for erection of agricultural dwelling (Outline) No objections


 Planning Applications 2015
 WD/D/15/00748  Church View Cottage, Hilfield - erection of first floor rear extension  No Objections  Refused

Statement Modification Order - Definitive Map

Definitive Map Modification Order

Add Bailey Drove in the parishes of Batcombe and Leigh as a byway open to all traffic. 


Parish Council Comments and Decision: TBC